Gratefulness is Underrated and Here is Why!!!

A lot of people strip their lives of the conscious ‘choice’ to be happy and feel gratefulness for small or great things that they have.
Gratefulness is the greatest ability one can master in this limited lifetime, but it is often underrated and not talked about enough. Not nearly enough.
Most people even find it offensive when other people advise them to seek tranquility under the wings of appreciation for the life that they are already living.
By contentment with everything they have, and with the knowledge that a bright future awaits those who have the courage to reach out for it.

A little bit of appreciation can go a long way, apparently.

Our lives are so intermingled with madness and chaos that we rarely find time or energy to appreciate the small everyday ordinary deeds or occurrences that we would otherwise, in an ideal life, savor.
Our negligence towards cherishing the little smile that our friend gave us, the way a rainy day made us feel delight and emptiness at the same time, how our mother’s food tasted in our mouth and the flavors danced in a wondrous pattern, how amazing it felt to wake up by the side of someone you love more than anything in the world, and all the other small sensations of life, will ultimately prove to be our greatest mistake and shortcoming.
We do not appreciate these blessings, because we are afraid of what that might mean for us and our future.

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Some people mistake gratefulness with immobility. They believe that if they gave themselves the chance to appreciate life, they would start to lose focus and sight of what they should do to accomplish great things.
They tend to see life as an ever-raging battle that needs to be fought with the utmost attention and fervency.
These people go so far as to see ungratefulness as a sign of heroism and bravery against the face of the relentless life and all its endless difficulties.
You do not lose sight of what you must do or how well you have to perform by being grateful for everything that you have. Because that is, by its nature, an unfounded fear and illogical dread.

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The state of our mental health and our happiness has nothing to do with our sense of judgement regarding the so-called terrible state of the world.
We already know that life is difficult, and we know that in order to achieve our dreams, we need to be willing to go through with our plans, come hell or high water, and take steps towards our goals.
We already know that life can be tragic, and the feeling of sadness, despair, loss, and insecurity will always inflict themselves onto us.
But despite this knowledge, we choose to see the things that are worth fighting for. The things that we wake up everyday to protect. We then decide to be appreciative of their mere existence.
We might even start to feel happy or content with what we see before our eyes, but that does not mean that we have lost perspective. It only means that we understand what it is that we are fighting for.

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A person who doesn’t know what he is fighting to preserve will eventually lose his path and find himself in a dark pit of despair.
And as you know, despair is for those who know, beyond any doubt, what the future will bring. None of us are in such position as to foresee the infinite comings and goings of life.
Start to notice the small and insignificant things that give meaning to your life.
Decide to be grateful for their existence and feel contentment for all the blissful things that you may have in this life for a limited period of time.

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