How to Lose Twenty Years of Your Life! Using the Relativity of Time to Your Advantage….

We have often talked about the true value and importance of time in this blog and how it can decide your fate; whether you live a life of happiness and achieve everything you have dreamt about or live with the regret of wasted opportunities one after another.
The reason behind our obsession with time is that it truly is our most important resource and we should treat it with the utmost attention of our mind and soul.
Time is your greatest adversary as it is your greatest tool in life.

But time is a relative and abstract concept. It has been theoretically assumed that time moves at different speeds for different individuals.
For instance, you may be sitting behind your desk and performing your task while your friend is out in a basketball field playing.
Time moves differently for the two of you. For him, full of adrenaline and with heightened senses, time moves faster. For you, performing your chores or doing your job, time moves slower.
One question remains; can we control how time moves for us?
In theory? Yes, it is absolutely possible to manipulate time to your advantage. In practice? It is more difficult than it sounds.

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Today I am going to share with you a valuable technique that I have always treasured in my own life.
When we talk about our days, we assume that days are 24 hours long. This is the general assumption of people, but more correctly, it is a predetermined subjugation of the relative concept known as time.
What if I told you that your days could, in theory, be longer or shorter than 24 hours?
We are here to give valuable techniques about time management, and not to break laws of physics. So, let us emphasize that every 60 minutes is an hour.

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Our deceptive mind plays us when it comes to the natural cycle of a day. We begin our day thinking that we have 24 hours, or if we are more rational, 16 hours without our sleep.
We try to do everything in that 16 hours, but fail to do the most important things that will push us forward in the direction of our dreams.
What if I told you that you could divide every day into more than just one day and live 16 hours of a day in a way as if you have lived three days?
This is basically how it plays out: You begin your day when you wake up. But you do not have 14, 16 or 18 hours.
Your day is only 6 hours long. When you wake up, imagine that you have a full day ahead of you and it is only 6 hours long.
You need to do everything you wanted to do today in 6 hours, because you do not have 16. When the six hours are over, you enter another day which is 6 hours long.

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The reason behind this division is that we often procrastinate and waste valuable time because we are predisposed under this illusory veil to believe that we have enough time to take care of everything. We usually end up with little time to do everything right.
By using the relativity of time to our advantage, we begin to harness the power of time and use it to boost our productivity. This will result in unbelievable amount of productive energy.
You will do things in a single day that could take you a week to accomplish, because you are living everyday like it is actually three days!
It doesn’t have to be six hours. It is up to you to play with the relativity of time. What you need to understand is that we can harness the power of time in a much more proficient and reasonable way than we are already doing.
What you do in with your own relative time is what eventually decides your fate!
I sleep a maximum of 4 hours a day on average.
Have you ever thought that if you sleep 8 hours a day you when you are 60 you will have slept 20 years of your life.
Think about it! Life is too precious.
I know there are people who can say, “But I have to have quality of life”
Ok, I respect the point of view.
Some people tell me: You’re going to die because you don’t sleep!!!!
I answer: You too will die, but we do not know when and ….
the big difference is, I certainly would rather die at the age of 40 having lived intensely instead of living eighty years procrastinating my life in bed.
I’m already losing 10 of my life if I reach 60 years of age sleeping 4 hours on average and this leaves me disappointed when I reflect about….
Ten years asleep? 🙁

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