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How to Save Your Relationships by Embracing a Sense of Pessimism…

Pessimism? How is that even possible? You may be wondering if you read that title correctly. Well, you did.
In this article, we are going to talk about our relationships, especially romantic acquaintances and how they are important in shaping our future. Our idea of how romantic relationships should be is an important aspect of our adult life.
How well we understand our romantic side is an important determining factor of how well we do in our social life.

There is a wrong idea in our culture that embraces the romantic fantasy of finding the ‘one’ true love that is a perfect match for you. A person who is a hundred percent compatible with your personality, thoughts, and ideals.

Our society, especially our culture, desperately struggles to prove that there is a such a person for everyone in this world, and if we look carefully enough or tolerate the length of the journey, we are eventually going to find that person.
This obviously leads to a problematic way of thinking which will inevitably leave you alone for the most part of your early adulthood, because you are searching for your ‘soulmate’ and cannot find contentment with other people.
People who are even trying to get your attention.

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First of all, there is no perfect human being. The idea of a perfect soulmate is contradictory in itself, as we are all blended with flaws and shortcomings.
Love is often a mutual respect and understanding shared between two human souls. To ruin that with the idea that someone should have certain qualifications to meet your standards is as absurd as it is improbable.
You could come to this mutual respect and understanding with someone you like. You may not like everything about them, but you enjoy their company and love certain aspects of their character.
You may even start to fall for their flaws, because you know that these flaws are what makes them truly unique and special.

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Some of our cultural and artistic movements want you to think otherwise.
They want you to save yourself for a ‘soulmate’ that may or may not arrive. Evolution, the whole of nature, the laws of society, and every logical assessment of our life can renounce this dangerous idea with imperial evidence.
That is why, a certain optimism and wishful thinking about love should be discouraged. By embracing the pessimism and denying the existence of a soulmate, we could all find and cherish love in the most honest and candid way.
Because love is not manufactured in a company. Our relationships are founded on a mutual understanding and a sense of belonging in the company of those we like.
Someone you already know and adore can be a good person to build the foundations of a romantic relationship with.
Do not waste your opportunity for peace and emotional satisfaction because of your fallacious perfectionism and your deluded idea of a grand romantic tale.

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