The Destroyed Stone Monument in the Ruined Place of Go Dal Sa Temple, Korea

The stone could survive through the tough process of history as usual, but not all stones.
Only the small amount of stone monument could walk through the trials of the time.
In the ruined Go Dal Sa temple place, I could see 2 stone monuments for the great monks,
But only the of the owner was identified, the other monument was uncertain who was its owner.
I posted the first monument known its owner in previous posting.
I’d like to post the destroyed monument in this posting.
As turning to the left from the first monument, there laid a destroyed monument.
Interestingly a dog stood on the bottom of the monument.

Actually what I could see was the bottom of the monument, other parts were missing elsewhere.
The most important part on the monument must be the body, because we could know the story when it comes to the monument. So if the body part was missing, we could know nothing on it.
We could only conjecture on it with other parts of the monument. In this case only one part left was the bottom part.
As getting closer, I was surprised by the artistic craftsmanship.
The most regrettable thing was the head of the turtle was missing.
In my guess, this turtle part seemed older than the first one.
The description of the turtle looked simple, but much more elegant in my view.
The owner of the second monument could be more famous than that of the first one according to the location of the monument.
The distance was not far from each other, but the altitude of the second one was higher than the first. In Korean traditional society, the location was so important. Later generation could not make the monument in higher place to the former generation or Master.
To our regret, the story relating to the monument was not known, but the owner of the second might’ve been praised with his spiritual enlightenment.

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