The Mistake of Giving Validity to Your Life’s Extras….

An important part of success is how much validity you give to the storm of voices surrounding you.
You have all been to watch a movie in your lifetime at least once. Can you remember one of those experiences you had with a film? Films take us to a fictional world inhabited by many colorful and believable characters.
These characters all have their own dilemmas, be it small or big, and they all have a purpose and something they move forward to achieve.

Let me pique your memory a little further. Have you actually paid attention to all of 

those characters? Or have you simply focused on the journey of the protagonists? When we see a film’s credit, there are numerous roles that are practically unnamed.

Cap Driver No. 1, Police Officer No. 2, Firefighter etc. are all the extras of the story of our life. Unfortunately, most of us are usually preoccupied about what the Cap Drivers think of what we do and how we do it, and we allow their judgements and sense of opinion to cloud our own logic and determination.
Do not let somebody be a priority when you are an option to them. Their opinions do not determine how you should live your life. Everyone lives in a thought bubble and they tend to think the world is as they think about it.
That is not true. The world is not what other people say it is. The world, and more importantly your life, is what you make of it.


This is not to say that you should be resistant or reluctant towards advice or good counsel. But do not let their mere opinions find a place in your mind and sit as true and nonnegotiable facts.
“You cannot do that! You cannot be that! There is no way you can pull that off! You will never be worthy of anything! You must change the way you see the world! Life is not as you see it! You are mistaken with your worldview! You are wrong!’
These are all the sentences that rage against the barricade of your mind. These are the negative surges of energy sent forth by the storm that doesn’t want you to succeed.
Most people are content with their own misery and tend get used to it, and they would sooner see you get used to that same wretchedness than try to understand your original and innovative point of view or your ambitions and your unlikely dreams.


Do not let these extras have a say in how you see the world or how you live your life.
As a wise person once said, ‘You are not the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you.’
Resist against the raging storm of negativity that might surround you in our human society and strive for greatness, as it has always been your one and true destiny.
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