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The Two Qualities That Define and Embody Attractiveness….

Charm and appeal are important when it comes to finding your foot in society and succeed in a profession of your choosing.
Desirability is not a rare trait, but it is a difficult one to attain. Even more so to keep. But if you understand the nature of what makes something attractive, you will manipulate this human sensation to your advantage.
This is especially helpful for young and aspiring entrepreneurs, as there is a lot of convincing involved in their line of work.

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When it comes to making decisions, appeal is important. When something has charm, we often find ourselves less and less second-guessing our decisions and go through with what is in our mind.
Because that charm has a grip on our mind and it forces us to ignore other logical standpoints that would oppose what it wants from us.
The cliched example of this would be an attractive person who steals your heart and you shut down the doors of your mind to all the other possible aspects of their personality that you may not even like.
This is a powerful tool in the right hands. Imagine a businessman who is looking to attract the positive opinion of population or an entrepreneur who is just starting to make an impression on other people.
They all could use a little bit of appeal and attractiveness.

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Attractiveness is powerful, as it dampens the element of truth and gives the perception of an illusion to the person who is willing to see it. But how does one achieve attractiveness?
There are many theories regarding how the human brain works and how we perceive everything. There are also many theories about appeal and charm, so what we talk about here is not absolute. It is also not the entire picture, but it is a philosophy that is worth your time and thought.
If you want to attain attractiveness, you need two prominent features: Freedom and Possession.
These words may seem like opposite to each other, but read on to understand the argument.

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Something that you cannot easily attain or achieve is always charming and alluring. If you find something attractive, that is because you find it difficult to get your hands on that particular thing.
If you want to maintain a certain level of charm, you need to both have ‘independence’ and also ‘possession’!
A person temporarily gets his hands on a whole lot of money. That amount of money is attractive for him, because he knows that the money is independent enough to dump and leave him, but he is in possession of it at the same time.
The person starts to think that out of all the people on this planet, he is in possession of an amount of money that could not be his. It could be anyone’s!
This is merely an example to demonstrate the power of appeal. What you need is contemporary and fragile possession, armed with a sense of independence and dread.

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Something that is hard to get is attractive, but something that is hard to get and is already in your possession is something to die for!
The power of charm and attractiveness has made many a man successful.
Especially young businessmen and entrepreneurs who need such appeal to present themselves to the public and garner their attention.
Think about these two qualities and bring attractiveness to everything that you do!

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