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Why Do People Seek Out Solitude and Fill Their Loneliness with Art?

There is a common conception about people who often find themselves lonely and without company; people who not only are often lonely in their mental state of existence, but also prefer the solitude of the night to the unsanctified company of other people.
Researchers seem to believe that such people are more intelligent than the rest of the population, and that is why they seek isolation above all else and cherish their loneliness and protect it at all costs.
But is that really the case?

The world is not as perfect an expression of quality as some people would like it to be. Our interactions with fellow human beings often fall short of our expectations for grandeur or mutual and profound comprehension of the deeper depths of the human soul and heart.

There are some people who see the world not as it is, but as it should be.
These people tend to examine everything from several viewpoints and come to a greater understanding of that thing out of sheer curiosity and willingness to see everything in their truthful and untarnished state.
‘Ignorance is bliss’ is the favorite term of solitary human beings, as they come to believe that other people fail to see below the surface or even outrightly reject the idea of understanding the nature of something.
Solitary humans often find themselves quiet in company, because they are afraid of what they might have to say about everything.

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They might be chastised for their unusual opinions which seek to give everything a more profound review.
Thus, these people seek tranquility and completion in the loneliness of their safe zone, often taking comfort in cherishing works of art.
Art is their constant and unparalleled companion, because no such thing in the world can understand and connect to them as art can.
They feel a certain level of relevance when they are embracing a work of art, because art, by its nature, struggles to give a better and more mature understanding of humanity and our universe.
This is something that solitary creatures fail to find in the company of others.
They might even begin to feel that other people are negligent towards the idea of understanding the world as they do, hence branding them as ignorant or unworthy of company.

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The dialogue of a certain novel excels the expectations of solitary creatures, and they find their ideal and perfectionist tendencies in such works of art and believe that these moments of ecstasy are hard or impossible to come by in the real world.
Art is meaningful, valuable, and idealistic.
This is something that can be outrageous for the real world, because it is hardly resourceful of the three merits and lacks the delicacy that can appease the yearnings of solitary creatures.
But life is beautiful because of these inadequacies. Art should be ideal, but life should be mingled with mistakes and shortcomings.
Perhaps, at the end of the day, that is why life becomes worthy of living.

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People with such tendencies should understand that the imperfections and shortcomings of the world outside do not spoil the idealistic and valuable occurrences that they might experience if they gave themselves the chance to be disappointed by their fellow human beings.
As imperfect and ignorant as the real world might be, it is only fair to mention that the real world is REAL. A fulfilled life is one that gives itself the chance to experience everything and take lessons from it.
So, give yourself the chance to enjoy the imperfections.
These imperfections are what makes us all unique in the life of existence. If we were all to follow strict idealistic rules and strive for perfectionism, what would be the point of life?
Where would our mistakes and our honest pain be in such equation?
Embrace your solitude and try to learn from it, but do not forget to also have some real interactions with the world outside and actually ‘live’ your life!

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