Why is it Important to Have Heroes in Your Life?

One of the few sensations that can give the life of men some purpose to fill the emptiness of meaning is their aspiration to become like someone or achieve something of value.
These ordeals often give us a sense of meaning and we plan out our days in accordance to the steps which we will have to take in order to realize them.
Why do we need to have heroes as an aspiration in life?

To answer that question, we need to take a more attentive look at the nature of heroism.

Heroes are, in a way, the sum of what humanity has to offer. They are the best of us, always struggling to put everything right in a world where everything is going wrong.
Heroes are resilient, courageous, honest, kind, relentless, and undefeated. Simply put, they are the embodiment of the ideal values that everyone strives to achieve in their own life.
History tells us who we used to be, science tells us who we are, and heroes tell us who we want to be.

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We all have our heroes. Fictional or real ones. Your hero could be a character from an old book series, or an inspiring person who has achieved a lot in their lifetime and has been influential in your own personal growth.
Whatever the case, we always need someone to look up to. This is helpful in more ways than you could expect.
For instance, a person who has a hero or a role-model to look up to will always make the right decisions in difficult situations.
When a person is facing a dilemma or an unsolvable enigma, they can always remind themselves of their heroes and their personalities, and ask the most helpful question: What would they do if they were here instead of me?
By answering that question, we become the best of what this world has to offer… just like our heroes!

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But this can also be destructive in a way. There are many different characters in a story, as there are many celebrities and famous people around the world.
When you choose a role model or a person you could look up to, you need to extensively analyze and review their behavioral pattern and seek out their moral values.
Following down the path of some people would do us more harm than good. Imagine if your hero was in truth an egotistical person who only cares for himself.
Well, I don’t know about your moral values, but that is not the person I would be willing to follow in life.

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Choose your heroes wisely. We all need people to look up to. Some people even go a step further and proclaim that their heroes are themselves in the near future, and the person they will grow to become.
Think about this.
Who are your heroes, and how close are you to their character?

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