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Will Your Future-Self Be Proud of What You Have Done with Your Life?

For some people, their hero is themselves but many years in the future when they will eventually meet and decide how they have spent their life.
Ask yourself this question: If you were to see your future-self, would you be proud of the person you have become, or will you just be an old man full of regret, counting his days until they come to an end?

There will come a day when you will be shown a vision. The vision of everything you could have been and everything you could have accomplished; the person you could have become.

An image of your ideal-self who has lived a brilliant life.
On that day, you will either know the know the person or he will be a complete stranger to you.
You may know him a bit, which means you have walked towards your destiny a bit.
You may know him very well, which means that you have nearly accomplished everything that you were born to do.
You may also come to think that he might be your identical twin, and that is a fulfilled and accomplished life.

Let us not wait for that day. Try to imagine that vision. Try to think about that person right now. How close do you resemble him?
Think about your thoughts, your words, and your actions. Do they fall to harmony with that image?
Think about your decisions. Do they get you closer to realizing that vision and turning it into a reality?
Because if the answer is no, you are doing everything wrong.
Your life is a road. A difficult and turbulent road. At the very end stands a person waiting years on end for you to finally meet him.
Will you be ashamed of that person, or will you keep your face up and stand proud when you confront him?


Try to be mindful of the person who is waiting for you in the future.
Always keep him in mind. Think every thought, say every word, and do every deed in a manner that would make him or her proud.
There may be a lot of eyes on you even now, all expecting you to become successful in life.
But remember, most important of all is the person who is standing at the end of the road patiently waiting for you to reach him and make him proud.
Do not live your life with the regret of past decisions.
If you have ever thought or said or done something that would bring shame to that person, make a decision here and now and make sure that it was the last thought, word, or action that did not fall into harmony with your vision.


It is only then when you will live a life of happiness, without regret or fear, without the constant haunting thought that you may be doing it all wrong.
Think of that vision, and keep it close in your mind and in your soul.
Ask this question: Will your future ideal-self be proud or ashamed of who you will eventually become?
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